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  1. Our Marathon Kids corner flags are made to fit snugly over event stakes to mark out your Marathon Kids running course on a school playing field or other green space. Made from durable polyester these flags stand up to all weathers.
  2. The blue Marathon Kids branded barrier race tape is best used to tie between 6 stakes to create a lap band funnel.
  3. Lap Bands (elastic bands) are collected, one per lap, as children run their marathons. Each band is just right for an average size child’s wrist. Bands come in five colours – Red, Blue, White, Black and Green (colours are chosen at random).
  4. Event Stakes

    Use these event stakes on grass fields to mark out your Marathon Kids running course, use with the Marathon Kids Corner Flags and to create a running funnel use the Marathon Kids Race Tape
  5. This high quality, durable mechanical 1m measuring wheel can be used to measure your running course with precision. Measurement counter displays distance in metres up to 10,000m.
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